Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ford Initiates Largest Recall in Company's History of 14.1 Million Vehicles For Faulty Switch Leading to Hundreds of Vehicle Fires

Ford Motor Company has initiated its largest single recall in the company's history to date due to a faulty switch that has allegedly caused hundreds of fires in its vehicles. The vehicles recalled include the 1995-2003 Winstar; 2000-2003 Excursion; 1993-1997 & 1999-2003 F-Super Duty Pickup; 1992-2003 Econoline; 1995-2002 Explore & Mercury Mountaineer; 1995-1997 & 2001-2003 Ranger and 1004 F53 vehicles. Each of the vehicles are equipped with a Texas Instruments Speed Controll Deactivation Switch (SCD) which may leak internally, overheat, smoke and burn causing a vehicular fire. The switch has been allegedly linked to over 550 vehicular fires and 1,500 complaints as well as a number of suspicious deaths. The aforementioned recall involves approximately 4.5 million vehicles, however, Ford advised that it will recall all of the 14.1 million vehicles with the switches still on the road although Ford states it does not believe they pose a threat in 3.4 million vehicles. Consumers should not park any of the vehicles in a garage or near their home until repairs are effecutated. For more information, call Ford Motor Company toll free at 888.222.2751 or visit the manufacturer's website at


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