Friday, January 22, 2010

Rupert Man Killed in Bicycle/Truck Collision reports:
BURLEY -- Rupert police say a 45-year-old Rupert man died after his bicycle collided with the side of a truck.

The Times-News reports that police Chief Randy White says Thomas Leon Oliver died instantly from head injuries sustained in the collision. He was not wearing a helmet.

White says the truck was headed north down a city street Wednesday morning when Oliver came out of a parking lot and hit the passenger side. The truck driver, 69-year-old Hazelton resident Karol Udy, was not cited.

Again both motorists and bicyclists need to be careful when driving near each other.

When riding a bike consider:

- Make sure that you have selected a bicycle that properly fits you. See a bike specialist to insure that you have selected the proper design and height for your needs;
- Purchase and use a properly fitted bicycle helmet;
- Install and use lights and reflectors;
- Make sure your tires are properly inflated;
- Inspect and properly adjust your brakes;
- Inspect and properly adjust your chain and cassette to insured that they are not loose;
- Make sure that there are no loose parts on your bike. Where you are unable to make the proper adjustments, consult a bike repair shop to assist you.
- Make sure that you ride in the same direction as traffic instead of riding against traffic;
- Obey all traffic signs and signals;
- Ride defensively;
- Know the rules of the road applicable in your area regarding the operation of a bicycle;
- Avoid road hazards; and
- Wear bright color clothing while operating a bicycle.


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