Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Artillery Device Found Near Green Belt

KTVB.com reports:

GARDEN CITY -- Police shutdown about 200 yards of the Boise Greenbelt today as a precautionary measure after learning that an old artillery ordnance device had been found.

A treasure hunter with a metal detector found the device just a couple yards away from the pavement near 47th Street in Garden City.

Garden City Police alerted the Boise Police Department Bomb Squad which removed the device with a robot. The device was taken to Mountain Home Air Force Base for destruction.

Police believe the device had been buried along the river for many years and suspect that it may have been left over from the Fort Boise days.

According to police, every few years old artillery devices of this nature are located somewhere throughout the Treasure Valley.

The discovery resulted in a three-hour closure of the Greenbelt. It opened again shortly after noon. There were no injuries to report.

This story is alarming because of the obvious risk to the public. We continue to receive reports of abandoned artillary devices around old military proving or exercise grounds. Children and adults alike should be instructed not to touch these devices as they are particularly dangerous and in many cases unstable. The picture above is not the picture of the device found in Garden City but is an artillary device shown to illustrate that these devices appear innocuous, but are in fact potentially lethal. Authorities should be immediately contacted if any such device is found.

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