Saturday, January 23, 2010

Horizon Fitness and and LIVESTRONG™ Fitness Elliptical Trainers Due to Fall Hazard

Johnson Health Tech North America Recalls Horizon Fitness and LIVESTRONG™ Fitness Elliptical Trainers manufactured by Johnson Health Tech North American have been recalled, because the foot pedal can become dislodged creating a fall hazard to the consumer. The recalled products are elliptical trainers branded under the Horizon Fitness and LIVESTRONG Fitness names. The brand name is located at the top of the console display with the model numbers just below and the serial numbers are located on the front support tube of the trainer. The recalled models and serial numbers are listed below.

Horizon Model Ex-58: Serial Numbers:
EP5130909CX00001 - EP5130909CX00645;
EP5130909CY00646 - EP5130909CY00903;
EP5130909CX00904 - EP5130910CX01893

Horizon Model EX-68: Serial Numbers:
EP5140909CX00259 - EP5140910CX00387

Horizon Model EX-78: Serial Numbers:
EP5160909CX00121 - EP5160910CX00142

Horizon Model GS1050E: Serial Numbers:
EP5180909CX02194 - EP5180910CX01290

Horizon Model CES5.1: Serial Numbers:
EP515N232090001 - EP515N332090519;
EP515X639090001 - EP515X245090129

LIVESTRONG Model No. LS7.9E: Serial Numbers Range:
EP5250908CN00001 - EP5250908CN01679;
EP5250909CX00001 - EP5250911CX00296

LIVESTRONG Model No. LS9.9E: Serial Numbers Range:
EP5270908CN00001 - EP5270908CN01682;
EP5270909CX00001 - EP5270911CX00120

LIVESTRONG Model No. LS12.9E: Serial Numbers Range:
EP5280908CN00003 - EP5280908CN01534;
EP5280909CX00001 - EP5280911CX00550

The equipment was sold a sporting goods stores nationwide and online at and between October 2009 and November 2009. Consumers should immediately discontiue use of the elliptical machines and contact Johnson Health Tech NA to schedule a free in-home replacement of the defective pedals. For additional information, contact Johnson Health Tech NA at 800.962.3596 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s websites at (PDF) and or via email at

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