Friday, January 8, 2010

Home Improvement Books Recalled Due to Faulty Wiring Instructions That May Cause Shock or Fire Hazard

Home Improvement Books published by Oxmoor House, Inc. have been recalled because the books contain errors in the technical diagrams and wiring instructions that could result in incorrect installation or repair of electrical wiring posing hazard of shock or fire to consumers. The nine books involved in this recall are noted below by Title, ISBN # and Publication date as follows:

AmeriSpec Home Repair Handbook 978-0-376-00180-1 January 2006

Lowe’s Complete Home Improvement and Repair 978-0-376-00922-7
978-0-376-01098-8 September 2005/December 1999

Lowe’s Complete Home Wiring 978-0-376-00928-9 May 2008

Sunset Basic Home Repairs 978-0-376-01581-5
978-0-376-01025-4 February 1995/January 1975

Sunset Complete Home Wiring 978-0-376-01594-5 December 1999

Sunset Complete Patio Book 978-0-376-01411-5/978-0-376-01397-2/978-0-376-01399-6 January 2006/January 1998/April 1990

Sunset Home Repair Handbook 978-0-376-01258-6/978-0-376-01256-2 October 1998/February 1985

Sunset Water Gardens 978-0-376-03849-4 January 2004

Sunset You Can Build - Wiring 978-0-376-01596-9 January 2009

Consumers should immediately discontinue the use of these books and contact Oxmoor House for a full refund by calling toll-free at 866.696.7602 anytime or visit the firm’s website at

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you or a family member have been injured or damaged due to the fault or responsibility of someone else, an industrial accident or by a dangerous or defective product, drug or toxic substance, contact Alan Morton for a no obligation, free consultation.

For additional information contact:

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