Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving in Icy Conditions

The following is a list of additional safety tips concerning driving in icy conditions:

1) Make sure that all passengers and the driver are wearing seat belts or if appropriate are securely and properly fastened in child safety seats;

2) Make sure that snow and ice are removed from all windows before driving and use the defroster and window wipers for better visibility;

3) The key to driving in icy conditions is to drive slowly and brake gently;

4) Make sure that when changing speeds you do so slowly;

5) Make sure that when you turn, you do so slowly;

6) Give sufficient warning time to other drivers when turning, stopping or changing lanes;

7) Keep plenty of distance between cars. You never know when you will hit an icy spot;

8) Pump the brakes slowly and gently if your car doesn't have antilock brakes. Constant pressure can cause them to lock and skid.

9) If you do skid, turn the wheels into the direction of the skid;

10) Keep in mind that melting ice is still slippery. Drive slowly so that your tires can push water through their grooves for better traction.

Here's some examples of drivers who fail to abide by the above:

Be careful when venturing out when roads are reported to be icy and/or hazardous.

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