Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report Says that Baby Slings Are About to be Recalled Due to Risk of Suffocation

CBS News and The Associated Press report:

The U.S. government is preparing a safety warning about baby slings — those popular and fashionable infant carriers that parents can sling around their chests to carry their baby.

The concern is that infants can suffocate, and a few have.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says her agency is getting ready to issue a general warning to the public, likely to go out this week, about the baby carriers.

She did not single out any specific slings or discuss the at least seven reported deaths linked to them.

Safety advocates have cautioned that some slings, where the baby falls into a curved or "C-like" position inside the sling, can lead to suffocation by restricting the baby's breathing.

The U.S. Product Safety Commission has jurisdiction to mandate the recall of products that are discovered to be defective and unreasonably dangerous which pose a risk to the general health and welfare of consumers. This report indicates that at least 7 reports have been made linking deaths of small infants due to the use of this product line. Consumers should discontinue use of the products in question. Once the recall is announced, this blog will publish more information when made known as to which products are involved in the recall and how to return the products for a refund.

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