Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Idaho Hospital Lobbies for Exemption for Allegedly Granting Hospital Privileges to Physician With Drinking Problem

A local Idaho hospital is lobbying to enact legislation which would exculpate, exonerate and/or excuse hospitals from liability for allegedly granting hospital privileges to a physician with a known drinking problem. Physicians working in a hospital setting that are currently dealing with alcohol addiction are a risk to the public health and safety. Knowingly granting the privileges of one who arrives at the hospital under the influence is a severe hazard to the public health.

Just as physicians are liable and accountable for the decisions they make that negligently harm others, so should hospitals. Allowing a physician hospital privileges while the physician has a known history of drunkenness and allowing same to render treatment in the hospital while under the influence of alcohol is a severe risk to public health.

In Idaho, we teach our children and grandchildren to be responsible and accountable for the things that they say and do. Senate Bill 1373 is inconsistent with Idaho values.

Have an opinion on point? Send it to the following legislators who are considering this legislation at sblock@house.idaho.gov; pnielsen@house.idaho.gov; jmcgeachin@house.idaho.gov; tloertscher@house.idaho.gov; pshepherd@house.idaho.gov; lluker@house.idaho.gov; jmarriott@house.idaho.gov; sthayn@house.idaho.gov; jboyle@house.idaho.gov; mgibbs@house.idaho.gov,
fwood@house.idaho.gov; jpalmer@house.idaho.gov; jthompson@house.idaho.gov; schew@house.idaho.gov; jrusche@house.idaho.gov; bdurst@house.idaho.gov; gsayler@house.idaho.gov.

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