Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drivers Should Exercise Caution & Courtesy When Traveling in Construction Zones

In Idaho, traffic traveling on the Interstate has the right-of-way to traffic attempting to merge onto the Interstate. In construction zones, traffic should observe reduced traffic speeds since fines for speeding are augmented. The purpose of the reduced speeds and augmented fines is to encourage traffic to slow down in order to protect the construction workers and traffic alike since the reduced speeds provides for greater opportunity to avert road hazards present.

Presently, I-84 is under construction in a number of places in the Treasure Valley. When behind the wheel of a vehicle, be courteous and cautious. Even if you have the right-of-way, there's no sense in demanding your space if in the end it's going to result in you getting into an accident. If other traffic has the right-of-way, be courteous in providing enough space so that when you are merging unto traffic on the Interstate that you provide ample space to avoid an incident. Be prepared to adjust your speed while merging into traffic to do so in a safe manner. Make sure that you look over your shoulder to see what is typically in your "blind spot" before changing lanes and/or merging into traffic.

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