Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home Safety Vacation Tips and Checklist

The following tips and safety checklist are provided to those headed on a family vacation to protect your home and property while you are gone complements of the Boise Police Department:
Often residential crime occurs when we are away from home on a family vacation or are involved in outdoor activities. How can you protect your home and property when you are gone? Remember, your goal is for your home to appear lived in. You want it to look different in the morning than at night. Follow this check list to secure your home:

•Inform as few people as possible of your vacation plans. This includes newspaper and postal delivery people, unless you are going to be gone an extended period of time.

•Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you are gone and to report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police department.

•Give emergency telephone numbers, your itinerary, and a house key to your trusted neighbor.

•Ask them to pick up your newspaper, mail, and other deliveries.

•Ask your neighbor to place a filled garbage can in front of your house on collection day.

•Ask your neighbor to park their vehicle in your driveway occasionally. Do all these for your neighbor when he/she goes on vacation.

•Arrange to have the lawn mowed or snow removed.

•Install dusk-to-dawn (photo cell) or motion sensor lights on all outdoor lights.

•Use automatic timers on a radio and lamps to simulate occupancy. Set these for your normal routine. For instance, a radio and lamp in the living room might be on from dusk until 10:00 PM then at 10:00 PM a lamp goes on in the bedroom and off at midnight.

•Don't change your answering machine to say you are out of town. When you are away, check your messages occasionally.

•Lock all outside doors using deadbolt locks and shut and lock your windows.

•Store valuables in a safety deposit box.

Now that you have learned some precautions to take for your home when you are away, you might want to go a step further and contact the police department for a Home Security Survey.

There are many economical services who can install burglar alarms in your abode. One such popular site is supplied by ADT Security Systems at

Provide your designated neighbor you trust with your phone (cell) number where you may be contacted in an emergency.

Remember: Safety First!


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