Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Safety Checklist

The aforesaid site offers the following safety checklist for children in and around water namely:

1. Always swim with a buddy;
2. Never run, push or jump on others around water;
3. Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket when you are in or
near an open body of water, a boat or participating in water sports;
4. Inflatable inner tubes or "water wings" are not safety devices;
5. Learn how to swim;
6. Swim only within designated safe areas of rivers, lakes and oceans; and
7. Never dive into a river, lake or ocean.

I would add one more to the list which is also avoid any and all canals and irrigation ditches. Irrigation ditches are not areas of play, and they are inherently dangerous to adults and especially children.

There is a water safety book for children now available to help children learn about the risks associated with being around bodies of water spotlighted at called "Josh the Baby Otter" which is a wonderful way to teach children the threat and potential risk of injury near any body of water.

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