Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prepare "Ready" Kits for Disasters

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No one knows when or where a disaster might strike, so families need to take time to prepare for emergencies. The Home Safety Council advises families to have both a “Ready-to-Stay” kit and a “Ready-to-Go” kit. This will help if you lose power and have to stay inside for a few days. Or, if something happens and you need to leave immediately to get to a safer place, you'll have what you need in your “Ready-to-Go” kit.

Finding the supplies in your home can be fun for everyone! Have a family scavenger hunt to gather the items below.

Put a check next to the items you already have and circle the things you need to buy. Some items are needed in both kits, but in different amounts.

Be Prepared

Plan to be without power.
Make a “Ready-to-Stay” and a “Ready-to-Go” kit.
Use strong bags and mark the date you packed your “Ready-to-Go” kit.
Listen to the radio or television to find out if you should leave or stay at home.
If you will need a ride, ask someone ahead of time.

“Ready-to-Go” Kit:

Every family needs to keep the following items in a backpack or duffle bag in order to be ready if an emergency situation forces them to leave home.

One gallon of water per person.
Food that does not have to be refrigerated and a manual can opener.
Plastic/paper plates, cups and utensils.
Flashlight and extra batteries.
Battery-operated radio.
Change of clothes.
Card with your contact information and the number of someone out of state to call.
Small first aid kit.
Personal identification card.
Personal hygiene items, soap and hand sanitizer.
Store medicine you usually take near your “Ready-to-Go” kit.

”Ready-to-Stay” Kit:

A “Ready-to-Stay” kit will help you if you lose power or have to stay at home for a few days. It contains all of the items in the “Ready-to-Go” kit plus a few others. Prepare a “Ready-to-Stay” kit with the following items stored in a plastic tub or a special cabinet.

Three gallons of water for each family member.
Canned food and snacks for at least three days and a manual can opener.
Pet food and supplies for three days.
Toilet paper.
Non-scented bleach.
Books and games to keep busy.
Paper and pencils.
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