Saturday, April 3, 2010

Check your Easter Baskets for Dangerous Toy reports:
BOISE -- One Boise family's early Easter turned into quite the ordeal Saturday afternoon after finding a potentially life-threatening toy in their child's Easter basket. Their concern has prompted a nationwide recall at one retailer and now the family is warning other parents to be on the lookout.

The Szpak family celebrated Easter a day early with family. They purchased a toy for their child, which was a stamp of Lightning McQueen from the popular Disney movie 'Cars' from their local Fred Meyer store.

“At first he took it out and started playing with it and got it all over,” said Colleen Szpak.

They didn't think much of the mess the ink from the stamp had made until a few hours later when they found a warning label buried underneath shreds of paper.

The warning read as follows : “Warning, possible cancer agent. When using do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands immediately after use."

The Szpak's, who regularly check Web sites regarding toy safety, were alarmed and jumped into action.

“We put him in the bathtub immediately," Szpak said. "We were very scared for him and for all the other little kids that may be getting stamps for Easter. No product should have cancer-causing agents, especially for a child.”

The family called the Fred Meyer store on Federal Way where they bought the toy. A store manager was alarmed by the label and decided to pull the toy from store shelves, but the family worries it may be too late.

“There were only about eight left on the shelves, so that's disturbing also, because how many children are opening these today and tomorrow,” said Szpak.

Their warning to parents -- check your child's Easter basket.

“Avoid having to explain why the Easter bunny brought something that we're throwing away,” said Szpak.

The local Fred Meyer contacted corporate offices who decided to pull the toy from their store shelves nationwide. Fred Meyer pulled the Disney "Easter Stamper" featuring Lightning McQueen from 'Cars'. There's also a Disney "Easter Stamper" with 'Cinderella'.

If you have one of these toys, Fred Meyer said to either throw it away, or bring it back to the store for a full refund.

Parents, I encourage you to check your children's Easter baskets to insure that this toy is removed before exposing your child or children to ingredients that may be carcinogenic. I'm troubled that a warning label accompanies this toy. Such ingredients should be recalled and children should not be exposed to this danger.

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