Thursday, April 22, 2010

18 Month Year Old Drowns In Payette River Near Horseshoe Bend

Every year it's the same old tune with different lyrics ... another child drowns due in part to lack of adult supervision. This time the body of an 18-month-old girl was reported to have wandered away from a home in Horseshoe Bend and was found hours later under water at a diversion dam approximately 4 miles away according to a Boise County Sheriff's Deputy.

The toddler's home is located next to the Payette River according to the toddler's parents. Parents of the toddler reported the child missing moments after the child apparantly wandered out an open door in the home and made her way to the river. There is no fense between the home and the river. Search teams were immediately dispatched from Boise County, Horseshoe Bend, Garden Valley, Idaho State Police and Idaho Fish and Game. Residents and a helicopter crew from the Idaho Air National Guard also helped in the search. The Boise County Sheriff's Office reports that a Fish and Game officer observed the girl's body floating in a diversion canal off of the Payette River which allowed searchers to retrieve the toddler's body at a diversion dam in the canal. The Payette River is flowing high and fast due to recent rain and snowmelt making it extremely dangerous. The Payette River was flowing at 5870 cubic feet per second near Horsehoe Bend on Wednesday, April 20, 2010 which is approximately 3 times as much water as April 15, when it was under 2,000 cubic feet per second according to U.S. Geological Service reports. The Boise County Sheriff's Office reports that the Payette River is no more than 40 degrees and it is nearing overflow level.

Parents and Grandparents should take special precaution to insure that children and grandchildren are supervised at all times when they are near water in order to protect them from the hazards associated with drowning. Albeit this child lived near a river, it's a good reminder to all that children should never be allowed to play near a canal and when near a river, they should be supervised at all times.

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