Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Motorcycle Collisions and Helmets

Novelty helmets do NOT have properties which have energy absorbing capabilities and should not be worn. They do not protect a rider of a motorcycle in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

Recently the Department of Transportation proposed amending the agency's motorcycle helmet safety rule to require manufacturers to place a larger tamper-proof DOT label on the back of a certified helmet which would make it more difficult for a vendor to remove the label from a safe helmet and reapply it on an unsafe novelty helmet.

The proposed regulation would also increase the tests that helmets must go through to obtain DOT certification including, but not limited to, updating tests on how the helmets perform during impact, whether other objects could penetrate the helmet during an impact and how well the helmet holds up during a crash. Novelty helmets have demonstrated during recent tests that they do not meet current DOT performance tests.

Fatalities as a result of riding a motorcycle have increased since 1997 by 144%; however, recent surveys show that nearly 1 in 5 motorcycle riders in states that require the wearing of a helmet are wearing a non-compliant helmet.

In 2006, helmets saved an estimated 1,658 lives. If everyone rider wore a helmet while riding a motorcycle it is estimated that an additional 752 lives would be saved. In 2006, 4,837 motorcyclists were killed; of those, more than 40 percent weren't wearing helmets.

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According to a study by NHTSA, a person wearing an energy absorbing helmet while riding a motorcycle is 16% less likely to sustain a serious brain injury than one who doesn't wear a helmet.

Make sure you have a DOT certified helmet when riding a motorcyle and not one that is a "novelty" helmet.

The following video contains graphic information and is anedotal and undocumented. Although it clearly demonstrates the unsafe use of a motorcycle, the video underscores the importance of riding a motorcycle while wearing a proper helmet. The wearing of a helmet, however, is no substitute for riding a motorcycle in an unsafe manner.

The following video is anedotal and undocumented but illustrates why it is important to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle.

WARNING: The video contains graphic material and may not be suitable for children.


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